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J & L Lawns carefully formulates each application of Fertilizer. We consider conditions, seasons, and nutrients to produce the greenest, healthiest, drought tolerant, and Most Beautiful lawn.

Mosquito Treatment

Hate Mosquitos? Me too! Mosquito Treatment to your lawn. We can treat monthly, or as a one time service. This service reduces mosqutios, effective up to one month, you actually enjoy being outside, single or monthly treatments availible and pet safe


One Application of Pre- emergent will
stop the vast majority of weed seeds
from germinating. It’s included for
FREE in the 1st spring application of

Water Retention Services

 ost of the water that you put on your lawn is lost to evaporation. This treats your plants and soil to capture moisture vapor before it escapes back into the atmosphere, converting it back to liquid water and passing it on to your plants’ roots. It is
effect and proven to reduce watering requirements of plants up to 50%!

Grub Preventer

Bill bugs are little grubs that eat the roots of your grass. It is very common for Bill Bug damage to be confused with drought damage, or dog spots. They are very difficult to control once your lawn is infested with them. One application of Grub Preventer is the best defense against these root eating grass destroying bugs.


Our Aerator pulls deeper and more plugs than anyone in town. Aeration Improves Soil Conditions, Allows healthy strong roots to grow deep info the soil, Discourages  weeds, Decompacts Soil, Promotes better drainage and water absorption, Makes lawns drought tolerant and Promotes thick healthy grass

Sprinkler Blow Out

Commercial Snow Removal

Weed Killer

The best weed killer, for the best results. J and L Lawns offers weed free, lush, healthy green Lawns that are truly beautiful. 

Why Choose

J & L Lawns

Our “Big Chain” Competitors use “water down” fertilizers that add little to no nutrients to the soil. Their fertilizer may kill a few weeds, but the lawns quickly become starved, weak, and they struggle.

Pre-Pay and Save

Pay for your services at the time you sign up to receive a 5% discount on the service season!

Service Area

J & L Lawns services homes from Weber to Northern Davis County.

Local & Family Owned

J & L prides themselves on being locally owned family business. J & L is licensed and insured and strives to hire quality employees.

Special Thanks to all our customers who have been loyal to us since we were established in 2005!

About J & L Lawns

J & L Lawns

J & L Lawns was established in 2005. As a small family owned and operated business we have been grateful for the continuous support year after year as we have been able to retain our clients and then gain additional clientele from referrals.

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